WireScript - 2D / 3D Writing System

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PDF Manual for WireScript : http://www.dscript.org/wirescript.pdf

So after a long time playing with Dscript, the 2D writing system, it has finally evolved a form for 3D writing.

Now 3D may seem intimidating, I know it did to me, with all the complexity of Dscript 2D writing, I was always scared to try 3D as I expected the complexity would be impossible to deal with,

Over the last few months I have toyed with some ideas, and finally I came up with a solution. The solution was actually quite simple. Just "ignore" all the dimensions and use them for "flexibility" as opposed to "value".

WireScript is a "1D" writing system, I say that because it is just a string of trinary values that can be represented by bends and curves. There are only 3 possible values, and they are combined into groups of 3 to allow an index of 27 (26 letters+space).

WireScript requires absolutely no "pen lifts" this means it can be written with wires and exist in a full 3D environment.

With WireScript your can turn text into 3D sculptures, ornaments, and designs. Or remain in a 2D environment if you want and make flat designs that can made with wires or a pen and paper.

So much fun, so many permutations. It has even given me a new appreciation for the complexities of protein folding.